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A Di​amond & A Dream 

Creating events that capture true love 

More About Us

Amy Lee Nuessle

Lead Wedding Designer

I'm a little-bit-of-this and a little-bit-of-that - I've been called "a Jack of all trades" but I truly I just enjoy helping people and seeing them happy! For the last 25 years, my main career has been in salon and spa specialties but in my spare time I've dabbled many things. I do some photography, wedding cakes, crafting, invitations, decorating and I'm a big DIY person. I like to stay busy all day and when I can create or build something, I'm in my glory! I LOVE to learn new things! I feel accomplished when I'm deep into a project, that's when I'm in my element.  Fun work is exhilarating, and when I can design or create something that makes someone else happy - I'm at my best! I especially love to bring all my different talents together at once, and when I can put them into someone's special day, it makes me feel like a part of their happiness and memories. Whether its wedding hairstyles and makeup, wedding pictures, wedding cakes, wedding invitations, wedding favors, wedding flowers, wedding planning... anything - I love it! 

So many times at a wedding I've been the hairdresser for the bridal party, or the wedding photographer  (most of the time doubling as a wedding guest too) and unexpectedly, I end up wearing another hat (well, unexpectedly to the bride and groom but never a surprise to me) especially if they haven't hired a wedding planner or coordinator! Often, the bridal party arrives at the church and they start wondering when to walk down the aisle, who gives the queue? Or, who's going to alert the pianist to start the playing?  

Naturally, I step up and become that missing component - because that's who I am. At the reception, so many time's I've heard "does anyone know how to cut the cake?" There's actually a proper method to cutting a wedding cake, but no problem, "I've got you!" Even the simplest things, like how to pin on a boutonniere...yep, there's a certain way to do that too! Everyone who knows me, knows that I am happy to help and that I'll take control and make things happen, and its a rewarding feeling to know that I have their trust.

Our Story

Here's how it all came together

An idea is born


After throwing my own wedding together in a short two-and-a-half-months, it occurred to me that every bride goes through this, and I'm experienced, so I can only imagine the pressure they must feel to make it all come together! In two months I creatively altered my own wedding gown changing the design, altered my daughters' dresses, ordered all the accessories, measured the guys and ordered their attire, designed and printed the invitations, addressed them with calligraphy, made the bouquets, boutonnières, and centerpieces....I made the cake, the favors, and decorated the venue, totally organized the venue, I did it all...and it was blissful madness! And when it was over, and it had gone just perfectly - I wished I could do it again! When most people would feel relief that all the planning was done, I was quickly missing it and looking for some brides to help! At that moment, I decided... weddings are totally my passion! That's when I knew I had something unique to offer other brides- a planner who does it all!

I evaluated my ideas, can I really do this?


Let me think about this for a minute...of course I can! Everything I've done in my life revolves around weddings, so I have experience and education to bring to the table: I went to school for Graphic Arts and Photography, I'm a salon owner, I've owned a flower shop and a limo business...why wouldn't I do this?! I have what it takes, and I'm making this happen! That's when I became certified as a Wedding Planner, and my company, A Diamond & A Dream came to fruition!

Meet the Team

Creating this new business meant a new path for me and I couldn't imagine this journey alone, so I gathered some people who I knew would be just as excited to put their creative genius into something spectacular! My team, quickly became "we" not "me". We use all local vendors and associates, it's our way of supporting the local economy and giving a boost to small businesses just  like ours. There's BIG talent in SMALL business and super quality doesn't have to be expensive. We are continuously searching for more talent to add to our team, but here are the pillars! Please allow me to introduce:

Emerald "Emmy" Jansen


Design Coordinator

Emmy is amazingly talented! She has a degree in Interior Design and Decorating and brings an abundance of natural talent with her.  Emmy can help plan your seating style and arrangement and choose décor.  In her day job as a Kitchen Designer, she sells one million dollars per year of retail kitchen products for her employer. She's creative, intuitive and is an expert in her field. Using CAD, she is able to bring the visions of our clients to life by using her design and layout expertise to develop the most amazing venue floor plans. She has an eye for detail and creates attractive table arrangements, room décor and centerpieces. She is also meticulous in hand-crafting all of our client table décor and retail wedding products.

Adrienne Cook


Sweets  Specialist

Adrienne's wedding cakes , frostings and fillings are to die for! Not only are they delicious but they are so gorgeous they are hard to eat! Marshmallow fondant is her favorite and she enjoys creating wedding cakes most.  Adrienne can help design a wedding cake that suits your theme, style, taste and make it work for whatever number of guests you are expecting. She also does cupcakes, cookies and designs our candy and dessert bars that is sure to please all your guests who have a sweet tooth! She's an extremely talented person, who has her hands in just about all of our projects. She helps the team with custom wedding shoes, accessories, signage, table decorating and she is learning to do bridal bouquets and centerpieces this coming wedding season.